Dimensions of Technology on the Alienation of Architecture

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Nada S. Abdulmajeed
Amel Nashat Shakir


In recent decades, the world has witnessed rapid changes as a result of the revolution in technology and its advanced applications, which have become a feature of the modern era to determine its features and its path of development. These features and path have affected the fields and systems of science and different knowledge and are reflected in the field of architecture. These transformations come with the phenomenon of alienation in architecture. Although many international and local studies and proposals have discussed the topic of alienation in architecture, they did not address the dimensions of technology on the topic of architecture alienation. Therefore, the research problem appears in the lack of a clear vision of the dimensions of architecture technology on the architecture alienation. The study aims to determine these dimensions "and to achieve, an analytical approach is followed according to three axis's : 1. Architecture technology 2. Alienation of architecture 3. Dimensions of architecture technology on the alienation of architecture The research concludes that the rapid technological development leads to the architectural chaos and the emergence of a state of alienation on these axis's.

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Nada S. Abdulmajeed, & Amel Nashat Shakir. (2021). Dimensions of Technology on the Alienation of Architecture. Eurasian Journal of Engineering and Technology, 1, 1–8. Retrieved from https://geniusjournals.org/index.php/ejet/article/view/246

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